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The Evexar Self-Illuminating Sigmoidoscope is a single use, fully disposable device that utilises a convenient (universal) Illuminator inserted into the base of the handle and a light rod to direct light to the end of the scope where it is most needed. This enables examination and therapeutic procedures to be performed in clinics and the operating room, giving complete clinical freedom of use. Sigmoidoscopes and Illuminators are delivered separately, but are completely disposable as a unit, after use. The Illuminators are included in price.


Ideal for Specialist Clinicians for use in Hospitals and Private Clinics, as well as for GP’s in their surgeries

Self-illuminated; no need for fibre optic cables or cleaning

Integrated obturator design prevents obstruction of the examination channel and
   light guide  (patent pending)

Fully disposable as a unit after use

Reduced risk of cross-infection since the scope is single use and disposable

Convenient and cost effective


Product Code Packaging 
31016 10 pcs. per unit