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SURGISPON – Haemostypticum

SURGISPON – Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge

SURGISPON is a quick and effective hemostatic which stops bleeding fast, generally within 2 minutes. 

It reduces intraoperative bleeding and absorbs 40 – 50 times of its own weight of water/oxalate blood.

SURGISPON is non-toxic, non-ilergenic, non-immunogenic and non-pyrogenic. SURGISPON is already ganmma-sterilized and available in a convenient,ready to tear sterile blister/envelope. Unlike many haemostatic agents, it does not require special storage conditions.

To achieve fast hemostasis in:

> Haemorrhoidectomies, anal fistula and fissures

> Curettage and Hysterectomies

SURGISPON reduces significantly postoperative pain in 83% of the cases. It may be used in combination with antibiotics, Thrombin, chemo therapeutics without reduction of the haemostatic effect. 

SURGISPON may provide vast economical benefits in recto-vaginal surgery. The gelatin sponge application can save up to 4 days of hospital stay for each rectal patient and valuable time for surgeons. Surgispon is easily expelled at first bowel movement, requiring no additional nursing intervention.

SURGISPON – Haemostypticum

Order-No. Product Dimension (mm) Pieces per Unit 
SSP-8030 Tampon 80 x 30 Ø 24